Turtle Foundation Info Event in November (Sal Rei/Boavista)

After intensive preparations the Turtle Foundation set up an information event on Friday the 7th of November 2008 at a big playiground in the center of Sal Rei (Capital of Boavista). Besides presenting information about the Turtle Foundation and the protection of sea turtles we also announced the winners of the Turtle Foundation painting contest – concerning the topic of sea turtle protection – which took place tf-boavista1in every school on Boavista in the beginning of November.

Turtle Foundation organized the transport of the pupils from the villages to Sal Rei, where on the main- square the Posters and other information materials were presented. A nearby wall was painted with sea turtles with the help of the famous artist “Titu” and the support of the Environmental-Club of Sal Rei. In total there more than 100 children participated in painting the wall, which they apparently enjoyed very much. The playing of songs concerning different subjects of nature conservation, the posters and presentations, and especially the painting of the wall got the attention of so many people that the police had to come to stop the traffic and lead it in other directions around the Turtle Foundation Event

tf-boavista2Most of the invited teachers, representatives of the municipality, representatives of the ministry of education and of course the ministry of environment joined this event and undertook the task of awarding the prizes, which were received with jubilation by the children. All in all it was a very succesful event which was very well accepted by the community. The Turtle Foundation and their work for the protection of sea turtles are now well known all over Boavista and the “Turtle Wall” is shining all over the main-square of Sal Rei.


In the future the Turtle Foundation will set up further events to inform the community about sea turtles and their need for protection which – together with the patrolling of nesting beaches in the nesting season of the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) – will most likely have a big impact in terms of sea turtle protection on Boavista.


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